New Life Christian Church is a multicultural congregation consisting of people from various ethnic backgrounds coming together for the common purpose of worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our roots are Anabaptist and as such we belong to both the Brethren in Christ, and the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Churches. We are an evangelical, Bible believing Church, committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the authority of the Holy Scriptures.

Our Vision –  Where God is leading us in the future

  1. We see a Spirit-led church that is marked by a growing number of Christ followers who are joyfully engaging in making disciples of their friends, neighbors and world so that God is known, loved and worshiped in our city.

  2. Specifically we see: Prayerful dependence on God underlying everything we do. We welcome His leadership and are open to the new things He wants to do in and through us. We willingly surrender to His guiding, convicting, healing and renewing presence.

  3. Transformed people of every age who have been changed by the forgiving grace of God, filled with the Holy Spirit and surrendered to His call.

  4. Passionate worship that lifts up Jesus and communicates His grace to all who are seeking Him. Baptisms are regular occurrences.

  5. Small groups – where one can know and be known – safe accountable environments that promote genuine community and discipleship

  6. Discipleship where people are discovering and learning what it means to live obediently in a close relationship with Jesus – being equipped, mentored and released to live out God’s calling on their lives

  7. Reaching people as we overflow with the joy of Christ in our personal relationships and through intentional connecting events designed to invite people to join us in following Jesus. Particularly, we see people new to this country finding hope in our God.

  8. Sending people to reach people in other cultures and countries with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately we see New Life Christian Church as a hub of Kingdom ministry, making Christ known as we bring hope and help in His name!

Our Biblical Purpose – Why we exist as a church

The purpose of New Life Christian Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ as he commanded. We express it this way…

New Life Christian Church exists to make disciples of all nations in the name of Jesus Christ!

Our Mission FocusWhom God has called us to reach

  • As a church, we are mostly people who are in cultural transition. The majority of us come from South East Asia and Central America. Some of us are native north Americans who are comfortable welcoming new Canadians.
  • Therefore we believe God has given us an open door to reach English speaking people like ourselves who are in cultural transition. Eg.

  • Filipinos

    Our Values Who God has shaped us to be

      • Bible Based Teaching – We value the Bible as God’s truth, the final authority for the journey of life and a rich relationship with God, without which we are truly lost.

      • Dependence on God – We depend on God for ourselves and others. We express our dependency through prayer, trust, and Spirit filled living. Our dependency affirms that Jesus is at work in our world and we are committed to living out His purposes.

      • Loving Relationships – We value loving people just as Jesus did. Life transformation takes place through honouring, nurturing, accepting and forgiving relationships. Such relationships are a clear sign we are following Christ and will draw others to Him. Therefore everything we do (even programs) are done from a relational grace-filled core.

      • Sacrificial Service – We value Christ as our Lord. We surrender to him and obey Him in all things, even when personally inconvenient. We will be faithful, fervent, sacrificial managers of all He has given us, multiplying our talents and opportunities for the advancement of His Kingdom.

      • Teamwork – We value interdependence because we fulfill God’s call more effectively through working together rather than alone

      • Vision – We value reaching lost people with the gospel of Christ. Lost people matter to God and therefore matter to us whether at home or abroad. Therefore we will do whatever it takes to reach them. Playing it safe is not attractive to us.

      • Joyful Diversity – We value people and nations as God made them and welcome them into our family believing that when we do we begin to experience what heaven will be like!