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Do I Really Pray?


“This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer” (Mark 9:29)

“The prayer that the Lord Jesus has in mind is ‘not merely a pious exercise,’ rather it is ‘the sense of complete dependence on God from which sincere prayer springs.’ A life of prayer goes hand in hand with effective ministry. It makes one receptive to the action of God. One cannot get ready for the moment by quickly uttering a special prayer; one has to be ready through a prayerful life when the moment comes. One cannot separate professional ministry to others from one’s own spiritual condition. ‘Ministry is not an eight-to-five job but primarily a way of life.’ That way of life must be permeated with prayerfulness.”

· Is my praying merely Formal?

· Do I pray Fervently?

· Do I pray in Faith?

· Do I pray with Fasting?

· Do I pray Faithfully?

· Do I pray with the Family of God?

Pastor Benjamin Devadason

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