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“Sanctification” is a word unknown yet well known in our common vernacular.  We speak about the “sanctity” of human life, or that we enter a “sanctuary” for worship, or that we need to keep heathy our inner “sanctum”, or that we create a “sanctuary” to protect endangered creatures. Yet we know little about what “sanctification” truly is and what it implies for our daily lives.  The primary reason is that it is a word of Latin origin (14th Century) used specifically to describe our human response to the holiness of God: sanctuarium.  You might notice that the form of the word hasn’t changed much, yet we have all but lost its true meaning.  As humanity drifted from our understanding of God’s holiness, so we have drifted from our understanding of sanctification.  This first series is to bring us back…to what God in the Bible teaches us is the beginning of true sanctification.

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