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Please read through 1 Samuel 7

1. Recognize your sad, perilous spiritual condition (7:2)

Shed tears of deep regret and remorse and Seek God passionately.

2. Return to the Lord sincerely (7:3a)

3. Repent thoroughly of all known sin (7:3b)

4. Reverence Him (“Serve Him only”, 7:3c)

5. Readily obey God in all matters (7:4)

6. Rally together at Mizpah (7:5)

7. Respect God given authority figures (7:6c)

8. Reaching out to God in penitence and supplication (7:6a; Psalm 62:8; Lam 2:19)

Pouring out water before the LORD is symbolic of confessing to the Lord our utter

wretchedness and filthiness and admitting to our need of washing by the grace and

Spirit of God, and the blood of the covenant.

9. Refrained from food for that day (7:6)

Fasting from food shows our seriousness in getting right with the LORD

10. Restored relationship with God through blood sacrifice (7:9a)

The Lord Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29)

11. Resolute intercessory prayer (7:9b)

The prayer of a righteous man is effective and powerful.

12. Renewed understanding of God and His ways (1 Sam 4:3; 7:8b)

Once their focus was on the Ark of the Covenant, now it is upon the LORD alone.

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