PB-ThumbnailI was born and raised in the country of SRI LANKA. Even though the country is 70% Buddhist and 18% Hindu, in God’s providence I was born into a fine Christian home where both my parents knew the Lord. We attended an evangelical church in Colombo, where I was privileged to hear the Gospel from my childhood. But it was only in the 20th year of my life that I responded to the claims of Christ upon my life.

My mum had died at the age of 49 and suddenly I found myself asking all the critical questions of life. Six months later, seated by myself on a bench, near the ocean, I invited the Lord Jesus Christ into my life to be my personal Lord and Savior. My life wonderfully changed. I obeyed the Lord in the waters of baptism. Almost with my salvation experience came the call of God for full-time Christian ministry. I heard many sermons and testimonies on what it means to commit ones life to ministry. I already was involved in evangelism and I made my desires known to the pastors of my local church to be involved in full-time ministry. I was gladly accepted and trained by my local church.

From 1973 to 1985 I served in Sri Lanka, through my local church, in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, preaching, teaching, and youth work. I also helped ministries such as Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, Back to the Bible and Hospital Christian Fellowship.
I came to Canada with my wife Indranee in March 1985, because of the ongoing civil war in Sri Lanka in which we were affected. We became members of a Baptist Church and I was ordained as a Pastor by the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in 1987. Jonathan, our only child, was born in Dec 1989.

We pioneered a youth work among the Sri Lankan people in 1986, which ran on two tracks. (Teens and Young Adults) Two retreats were held each year for them. In all over 3,000 youth have been reached through the youth ministry. One of the youth who was saved through our ministry is now the Pioneer Pastor of a large Tamil Church in the city. Another young man is serving as a missionary in Turkey. A Bible study network has been established in the GTA in recognition of the need to teach God’s Word to our people. These growth groups have impacted many lives. A Seniors ministry has also been established in order to reach our Seniors for Christ.

We also helped in the planting of a Sri Lankan church in Montreal. We help four Sri Lankan churches in the GTA, in preaching and teaching primarily. We also help out in an outreach ministry to our people in the Mississauga and Hamilton areas. In all, we conduct three conferences each year, usually lasting three days. We are also involved in Prison ministries in both the Toronto East and West detention centers, primarily ministering to the Sri Lankan inmates. Well over 500 inmates have been ministered to over the past fourteen years. One young man, from a Hindu background, came to know the Lord and is now training to be a Pastor.

I also served as part time interim pastor at three Baptist Churches and am currently serving at New Life Christian church as their part-time interim Pastor. I’ve also had the opportunity of speaking at conferences internationally- Ghana, Nigeria, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. I’ve also preached at several churches of different denominations and ethnic backgrounds. I am also involved in a Church plant in Mississauga, and help preach in three Tamil Church plants in the city.

I conduct Evangelism seminars for churches and also train missionary candidates in outreach to Hindus’, Muslims and Buddhists. I also was a plenary speaker at MissionFest Toronto in 2009. I also teach a course on Spiritual Warfare to missionary candidates. I teach a course on the dangers of Yoga.

I have led missions’ teams to SRI LANKA several times. In 2010 I taught a modular course in Tamil on Spiritual Warfare at the Colombo Theological Seminary to 50 students. In 2011, I taught courses at two seminaries in Tamil. I am serving with SIM, for the past 17 years, on their Culture Connexions team (CCX).

In Christ,

Rev.Benjamin Devadason
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