Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

New Life currently supports two missionary families in the State of Kerala, the southern part of India, who are serving in very remote areas.

Pastor Shashi and his wife Jayashree are from Wayanadu district of Kerala who are working among the Paniyar tribes of northern Kerala. In addition to working among the Paniyar colonies, they also work among the neighboring villages giving out Gospel tracts, and meeting and sharing the good news of the Gospel with these villagers. Below are the pictures of Pastor Sashi, & Jayashree, and their parsonage near the Paniyar colony.

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Pastor Vijayan, and his wife Raji , with their son Rufus are from Kozhikodu district in Kerala, who are working in a village called Muthukadu (means great forest). This is a hilly region, mainly forest, and is inhabited by wild animals. This couple serves the only Church in this area, which was started about 10 years ago. The Lord has been blessing this ministry in many ways, and much work needs to be done.

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The above two missionary families are pioneers working in regions that are hostile to Christianity. We ask that you remember them in your daily prayers.


Cait CroppedCait. M is serving as a missionary in one of the South East Asian countries where the people are of predominantly Buddist & Hindu faiths.

The mission of the organization that Cait is with is to reach the unreached in this country. They are among some of the most unreached people groups in the world. This is due to the geographical location, as many villages take days to reach and can only be reached by foot. This is also due to the long history of religions such Hinduism and Buddhism taking root. Many people in the mountains have deep animistic beliefs that are acted out in folk practices. Due to these deeply entrenched beliefs, their pathway to truth takes a longer time. So this is a long term effort involving intentionality and dedication.

Cait’s role is as a team leader and justice tour manager. She lead teams into the mountains to plant seeds of truth and carry hope. Every time they step into a village it looks different than it did before and different opportunities, and open doors are always arising.

Part of Cait’s role is educating people about the issue of human trafficking going on in the country. She run’s a half day justice tour throughout the city showing them where and how it happens. It often takes the form of “cabin restaurants”, massage parlors and dance bars. The focus is prayer and worship. Every year 20 000 girls are taken from Nepal and due to natural disasters,and other social and political issues this has become a deeper issue.
Cait also runs longer justice tours, that involve heading to towns and villages where trafficking has been an issue and running programs of all sorts, loving and serving the community, and sharing the light of the Gospel.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for Cait as she learns the local language in order to communicate the Gospel more effectively.
  • Health –  Trekking and living in a polluted city can take a negative toll on the body.
  • For Cait’s friends that she is making in the city as well as in the mountains, and for more opportunities to share the truth and hope that is found in Jesus Christ.