Both father and son came on their bicycles this past Saturday.  The roads, you will recall, were cold, icy and treacherous.  They came to see if they could receive a hot meal from our community lunch.  They were early.  It was 15 minutes before our doors were open.  But it was too frigid for them to wait outside, so we let them in.  As they sat on the chairs in our foyer, the older man
The water in the baptism tank this Sunday was quite cold despite having been diligently warmed all Saturday night  Yet it didn’t dampen the rejoicing I saw in each face.  Standing in cold water, they gave testimony to their salvation, with joy declaring that they are choosing to walk this road of obedience to the One who had saved them from their sin.  It struck me that convenience is never the best guide to obedience. 
If you’ve followed Canadian news recently, you would have heard about an appointment by the Liberal government on January 26, 2023 of Canada’s first “special representative to combat Islamaphobia”.  According to Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy, “Islamophobia is defined as racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear, or acts of hostility against Muslims.”  I found it curious that the first reaction to that appointment was Quebec’s vocal objection that the appointee had written a prejudicial, hostile, stereotypical, fear-driven article against