I am writing this article three years after the legalization of weed in Canada in 2018 by the Liberal Government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  It was hailed by Trudeau at the time to be one that would make “a real difference” in the lives of Canadians who were impacted by an old regime that made marijuana illegal.  When weed was legalized in Canada on October 2018, churches were silent.  There were no protests.  There
Within the first week of the legalization of marijuana, long lines formed in front of cannabis-selling stores quickly exhausting the in-store supplies in just short periods of time after opening.  Canadian cannabis operations were buying up American producers triggering our neighbours south of the border to sound warnings to their own government that they would lag far behind Canada’s cannabis industry if these aggressive buying trends continued.  The popularity of our federal Liberal government was
At midnight on October 17, 2018, Canada became a nation that altered its laws to allow the recreational use and possession of cannabis.  Under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the option of the decriminalization of cannabis was bypassed and the legalization of cannabis was pushed through the political structures meant to safeguard our nation from negative influences. The pace at which this was accomplished has left law enforcement, social services, the medical community,