DID JESUS HAVE LONG HAIR? A DISCUSSION I sometimes get asked questions that demand a little bit of explanation because of the complex interactions of history, culture and the Bible.  I call these “Manna” questions, as when the people of Israel wandering into the wilderness asked on the first day that God rained bread from the skies.  They picked it up and decided to name it “Manna” which simply means, “What is it?” Art and
I sat at the table in Starbucks across from Tara. From the start, I knew I was not in a welcoming conversation when she refused to order anything though she had chosen the venue. So I dutifully got myself a coffee to legitimize our occupation of a space in this citadel of transient community. Drifting as a Disastrous Pattern Tara had come to the church I was pastoring at that time from another about two
I am writing this article three years after the legalization of weed in Canada in 2018 by the Liberal Government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  It was hailed by Trudeau at the time to be one that would make “a real difference” in the lives of Canadians who were impacted by an old regime that made marijuana illegal.  When weed was legalized in Canada on October 2018, churches were silent.  There were no protests.  There