As intense droughts and record temperatures threaten Europe, parts of the United States and various regions in China, an unforeseen benefit has occurred with the drastically falling water levels.  An ancient stone circle emerged in a drying reservoir in Spain; dinosaur tracks were discovered on the bed of a dried river in Texas; German World War 2 warships are exposed as the Danube drops to historically low levels.  But of special interest is a church
The name Zaporizhzhia has become quite commonplace in the last few months.  It is the location of the largest nuclear plant in Europe that once belonged to Ukraine, but since March 4th, has been under the control of Russia, Ukraine’s invaders.  What has catapulted Zaporizhzhia into the news is that multiple times missiles and other explosive devices have been set off at the nuclear plant where Russian forces have set up their military base, and
If there’s one repeated news that we’ve heard this week, it’s that it is hot out there.  Temperatures have made their way upwards in our generally temperate Canadian climate so that heat warnings are being issued for us to keep hydrated and cool.  Yet our experiences are a fraction of what is being experienced in Europe – Portugal, Spain, England – where temperatures have climbed to dangerous highs.  As I listened to our news, I