The Making of a Truly Christian Marriage

So what exactly is a “Christian marriage”.  For one, it’s not just a marriage between Christians, but one that’s built on the principles of Christ.  And it’s not just “go to church”, or “get the children in Sunday School”.  As life gets busy, both these mandates fall off the table. And as children become disillusioned by church because the home isn’t really “Christian”, parents are confused.  Our hope is to help us – from those who’ve been married a while to those who have just started on their journey – to create what the Bible says marriage should be.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2022
Sharp Start: 6:00 pm
Dinner and a Date
With Rev. Gerald & Dorothy Hogenbirk
SATURDAY, October 15, 2022
Sharp Start: 9:30 am
Coffee, Tea, Lunch & Dinner provided
(casual dress)
Workshops and Discussions
Ends at 8:30 pm
SUNDAY, October 16, 2022
Sunday Service: 10:30 am
Speaker: Rev. Sunder Krishnan
Also live on YouTube. Go to and hit the green bar that invites you to join our service and you’ll be at our YouTube channel